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he is as good as there is as makele single tacklers miss him in the open field. >> al: one time-out, plus the two-minute warning. and stafford can hope for another shot. dancing around. throwing blitz. here they come. it's adams in the corner of the end zone. touchdown. davante adams, working on nevin lawson. aaron rodgers has thrown four touchdowns. that gives him an even 300 yards on the evening. >> cris: this time, davonte adams. you saw the blitz. everybody saw the blitz. it's one-on-one coverage.
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and davante adams, his 11th touchdown of the year. he's had a few drops along the way. but that balance, along with jordy nelson and jared cook getting back into form, you give that guy a few weapons. >> al: add one more as an even dozen. he has two in the game tonight. six catches. two-point attempt to make it a 14-point game. up by 12. >> cris: who wants to play these guys here? >> al: if they hold on to the victory here, it will be six wins in a row for the packers. pass caught. it is good, to davante adams again. all eight points on that drive belong to him. and it's 31-17. the boogieman, you imagine if
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washington had won that game. and the loser would have been out. unless this game winds up in a tie. aaron with 40, ryan with 38, brees with 37, philip rivers with 33, the top four. if this game would have wound up in a tie and washington had won, dan snyder would have had a congressional investigation tomorrow. >> cris: i don't think it could have happened. i don't think anybody would have done it. it is -- you know, the one guy that wasn't on that list, if i've got this right, tom brady this season, 28 touchdowns and just two interceptions. >> al: missed four games. >> cris: and nick foles had the 27-2. i think that's the new standard, as far as that percentage goes. so, who do you vote for for the mvp? i've been going back and forth on this one, quite a bit. i think you can make a case for quite a few guys, matt ryan, tom brady. aaron rodgers calling his shot
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here at the end of the season. david johnson. ezekiel elliott. dak prescott. who do you like? >> al: i will send it to the electoral college. i don't know who wins the popular vote in this category. it's crazy. >> cris: stop it. >> al: elliott and prescot will probably savage it to a degree. and rookie of the year, as well. matt ryan, had a phenomenal year top-to-bottom. it's going to be a very contested election. fourth quarter comebacks for the lions. they have eight wins. six of the eight here. and they won six-straight games here. they've overcome small deficits. they would have to overcome a 14-point deficit. peyton manning had seven game-winning drives in the fourth quarter in '09. so, matthew has had eight.
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this would be the capper. from the 25 yard line. over the middle. dropped incomplete. second down and ten. >> cris: how about morgan burnett here. able to go out as a true safety. and hang with wide receivers on the outside. his versatility may well make him the mvp of this defense, even though he never made the pro bowl. and that, really coming from mike mccarthy. just able to do so much. >> al: he gets them all lined up. and that pass is caught. and taken down is ebron. and he stays inbounds. that keeps the clock rolling. >> cris: dom capers has a magic wand. how he has this to 17 points with who he has left in his
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holster, i have no idea. >> al: fires. that's caught, in green bay territory goes ebron. they hit the tight end again. ball is at the 45 yard line. before the two-minute warning to take advantage of it. stafford will step up and throw. that's over the mid. and you have tate going to the 21 yard line. and that comes with a two-minute warning at 1:57. so, tate exhausted. but he has the ball at the 21 yard line. 31-17. . ♪ oh, sunday night
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>> al: detroit's very own mike tirico is here. and will unveil the entire playoff schedule for next weekend. michele on the field with the stars of the game.
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and we'll take a look ahead to wild card weekend. now, as far as the afc is concerned, we know what's happening there, in terms of the match-ups. dolphins will be at the steelers. and the raiders will be at the texans. patriots, number one seed. chiefs, big day for them. they beat san diego. and oakland lost to the chiefs, who would have been five, are two. they most likely would have had to play three road games, had they been the five. that's what oakland will probably have to do right now, as opposed to having a week off and home game in two weeks. >> cris: the raiders have to be sick. just sick. they were such a good team. and it's going to be tough from here. >> al: who is the sickest today? the raiders are sick. washington is really sick. >> cris: a lot of coaches. >> al: a lot of coaches are sick. >> cris: unemployed. >> al: probably more tomorrow. so, black monday has been moved up to sunday.
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happy new year for a lot of guys. and lots to mull over the last couple weeks, as positions get filled. detroit, one time-out. 1:57. first down at the 21 yard line. stafford and the lions pull off a miracle here. >> cris: bringing the pass rushers inside now. >> al: stafford is going to throw. that's tipped and incomplete. ladairis gunter is able to tip it away from marvin jones. second down and ten. >> cris: it's just fun for me to watch ladarius gunter play. here's a guy that probably runs a 4.65. playing the cornerback position. but he gets his hands on you in the bump and run, not many good things happen for the offense. >> al: second and ten. pass rusher. is caught at the 16 yard line. caught by ebron.
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gets taken down by clinton-dix. saving the time-out. third down and four. 1:37. going down. and fires. and that is going to be micah hyde coming away with it in the end zone far touchback. micah hyde for an interception on golden tate. and you say, you have guys playing all over the field in that secondary. you move hyde to the outside. he gets the game-sealing interception. >> cris: i mean, there's a lot of contact out here. but micah hyde, the game on the line. plays it perfectly. and he squeezed him right into the pylon over there. there's nowhere to go. wrestling going on. arms around each other on both sides. officials say play on. matthew stafford can't believe it. but i got to tell you, for all we talk about aaron rodgers and this offense, what this defense did tonight with the division on
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the line, with nobody left to play cornerback, was one of the great shows we've seen this year. >> al: they've won a home game next week. the new york giants, i'm sure are hard at work, at their meadowlands complex, looking at the green bay packer tape because they're going to lambeau. look at the long range forecast for lambeau next week, single digits. that's the long term. i'm dr. doppler, understand that. but i'm telling you. might be around six. and that streak lives on here. they have won the central division, which no longer exists. nfc north started in '02. green bay is going to win it again. so, they're used to playing week 17, for the division. joe kerridge gets the give right here.
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will be second down and ten. the packers down. jason spriggs, the rookie tackle. in some distress. >> cris: for the fourth game in a row, no turnovers. that's how you win. rodgers, the seventh game in a row without an interception. >> al: right. so, mike mccarthy, super bowl champion in '10, eight-straight years to the playoffs. 3-3, at home. next week, 4-4, away. this guy has had more gut-wrenching playoff defeats than anybody. he has lost five playoff games. five. on the last play of the game. in regulation or overtime. i mean, you go through the litany.
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the giants beat them in overtime in '07. cardinals beat them in 51-45 in o.t. 49ers won the game on the final play, wild card 13. hawks beat them, overtime in the nfc championship game. and last year, we were there, when larry fitzgerald caught that touchdown pass after a hail mary by rodgers had sent the game into overtime in arizona. >> cris: there were people coming after his job halfway through the season. and he probably had the best way of describing it. he said, you know, we keep stats on everything, including some of those articles that were written. we have all those filed away, too. >> al: always good to have a list. >> cris: uh-huh. >> al: by the way, mccarthy was out on the street. how long before he would get hired? >> cris: not long. >> al: about four minutes? >> cris: maybe not that long. you have to pay attention a bit here. bryan bulaga has been shaken up a little bit. now, jason spriggs.
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and you know, these games don't stop. you have to turn right around, now, and get ready for the playoffs. >> al: right. we're not sure exactly what day. they will have six or seven days. the interesting thing about this game, too, tonight, green bay had eight days rest because they played on christmas eve saturday. and detroit had six days rest because they had the monday nighter. >> cris: and on the road. and had to fly back, got back tuesday about 6:00 a.m. >> al: rodgers with a kneeldown here. detroit, if they want to use the final time-out, and they do, with at least make green bay run another play to take close to 40 off the clock. and they will be forced to punt. it's a two-possession game. >> cris: we talk about greatness all the time. but for aaron rodgers, how many times, the whole relax thing. the whole, i think we're going to be able to run the table in this one. a little boost of confidence.
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and for him to play absolutely perfect football, since he made that statement, it's one thing to say it and have it happen. it's another thing to play as perfectly as he did once he said it. and that's the difference between the very good and the great. >> al: got a little pushy/shovey here. >> cris: if they're anywhere close to aaron rodgers, there's going to be a riot down there. >> al: will be escorted out the back tunnel. >> cris: and you can tell how frustrating it has to be for the detroit lions. this is a good football team. they made the playoffs. and here they are, one more time in their own house, they can't handle the packers. >> al: haven't had a home playoff game since '93. two playoff games in detroit in the last 59 years. and there won't be one next weekend because the lions will
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be flying to seattle. it's fourth down. and green bay can let the clock run down as far as it will. 27 seconds. second time in three years. >> cris: they have to do it on the road, though. >> al: they will. green bay was a sixth seed in 2010 and went all the way. they thought running the table. that's running the table. and green bay -- >> referee: reset the game clock to 37 and the play clock to 10 and the game clock on 37 seconds and start on my wind. >> al: that will take us down eventually to 27. >> referee: ten on the play clock. >> al: all right. so, we just discovered that
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detroit will have a short week because saturday night, at 8:15, freddie, eastern time. it will be the lions at the seahawks. and that will be our crew's game next weekend. on wild card saturday. so, we will follow the lions out west, as they get ready to match-up with the seahawks who ended their season with a victory tightly fought against the 49ers. let's go to michele. >> michele: al, how about "sunday night football" new year's resolutions. number four, join travis kelce and dance like no one is watching. number three, jump in the kettle with zeke and give to charity. number two, find the perfect net and fall in love. and number one, spend more time with family. hey, congratulations on your retirement, steve smith sr. what a career. >> al: beautiful. yeah. that was some career.
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and should wind up in canton. speaking of canton, of course, you know, that's down the line. but no doubt that number 12 will be there. >> cris: really stunning. time after time. >> al: you think, next to nowhere. >> cris: on the highway. >> al: here. yeah. >> cris: he eli'd that one. >> al: that's right. you remember when eli hit one on to barnaby road. what have we got here? we have 31-17. hmm. just a little bit under where some folks would like to see this wind up.
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but so be it. 18 touchdowns, 0 interceptions. and that passer rating is spectacular, as stafford throws. a few hearts are beating around the country right now. and he caught it. anquan boldin. well, that's overwhelming. well, can you imagine an onside kick recovery and another hail mary? >> cris: we saw a couple hail marys last year from aaron rodgers. why not? we know stafford can throw it that far. >> al: anquan boldin, his 14th season. and prater, now, for the extra point. >> cris: unbelievable. golden tate almost knocked it
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out of his hands. >> al: 31 -- you don't think? >> cris: you never know. >> al: i mean -- eight fourth quarter comebacks. you have 13 seconds. once again, let's go back to boldin. what a career this guy has had, huh? >> cris: one of the toughest guys ever. took that shot in new york and got his jaw rewired and played a couple of weeks after that. >> al: right. >> cris: and i think tate got a finger on that ball and still caught it. >> al: anquan started his career with arizona. 101 receptions, as a rookie. baltimore and san francisco. >> cris: you know what is interesting, al, you wonder matthew stafford has an unbelievable arm. would it make difference to him
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to get a hail mary here from 60, 65 yards away, if they do recover this thing. >> al: maybe a little less. it has to go ten yards. get the whole hands team out there. rodgers and everybody else, allison, ripkowski. and the guys who -- adams. guys who are used to handling the ball. montgomery, at the 25 yard line. >> cris: blockers in front. receivers in the back. >> al: that's caught by the receiving team. and that, with richard rodgers, will do it. >> cris: wasn't quite as exciting as what rodgers did last time in this building. >> al: no. >> cris: but pretty good. >> al: full playoff schedule coming up. mike will have it for you. on our postgame show. tell you who has got what game
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and when. >> cris: 12 teams make it to the playoffs. every other sport, you have to wshg to not make the playoffs. you're 1 of the 12, you had a great year. i know there's disappointment in detroit. but you're 1 of the 12 and you have a chance. >> al: i like the way it is. talking about expanding. 12 in and 20 out is a good combo platter. every other sport is half and half. at least basketball and hockey are. baseball, a little bit different. but the green bay packers go to the playoffs for the eighth-consecutive year. they're home. giants go to lambeau next weekend. and detroit heads to seattle. 31-24. green bay wins it. coming up next, "the volkswagen postgame report" after these messages from your nbc station.
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welcome to "the volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." here's mike tirico. >> the table has been run. and the north has been won by the green bay packers. 31-24. they come to detroit and beat the lions for the third time in four years, on the final sunday of the season. the packers win the game they need to win the division. and aaron rodgers, we'll hear from him in a little bit. just extraordinary.
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i can't agree more with al and cris. has to be the mvp conversation after his performance here in the six games. you're waiting for the playoff schedule, here it is. we start with the afc. wild card weekend begins saturday with the raiders and texans on espn and abc. they played in mexico city. sunday, it will be the steelers, hosting the dolphidolphins, 1:0 eastern time. roethlisberger got hurt. and miami won the game that turned their season around. peeking ahead the following week, in the divisional round, the patriots host the game saturday night, january 14th on cbs. and the afc west champion chiefs will play here on nbc sunday afternoon at 1:05 eastern, just afternoon in k.c. that's the afc story. here's the nfc story. the playoffs in the nfc will begin, as al told you, with the lions taking on russell wilson and the seattle seahawks. the lions played on monday night last night.
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that's when kam chancellor was batted out of the end zone. and seattle won. and the giants and green bay will renew acquaintances. they played on sunday night. green bay winning 23-16. that game will be on fox, the late game on sunday afternoon. and peeking ahead to the following weekend on saturday, atlanta will host the highest remaining seed on fox. a similar time, the following day, the number one seed. the cowboys will get in the mix, that sunday, also on fox. back to the packers and their win of the division. rodgers, 300 yards and 4 touchdowns. and the patchwork secondary in the second half, a tremendous job, including the performance by morgan burnett. they win the game balls tonight. the stars of the game and a chance to visit with michele tafoya. >> mike, thank you. aaron, after the four-game losing streak, you said this team could run the table. and you have. and you've won the division. what made you so confidence after the way the season
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started, that you would be standing here as division winners? >> the character of this team and the leadership that we have. i love these guys. it's fun working with them. never broke. we could have fractured at some point. but we stuck together. believing in each other. just takes one. we get one, it will happen. and every game, we came with a great focus, great preparation. and when adversity hit in the game, we pushed through it. i'm proud of these guys. >> i know you work on the scramble drills tall time. but the one in the fourth quarter, to geronimo allison, that seemed to last forever. what made that one special? >> we needed a play right there. our defense did a good job, getting the ball back. we had two great drives in the game. and that one, i just try to extend it. and extend a little more. i was looking for devonte in the back. and made a great catch. >> you were fired up. what were you experiencing?
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>> just pure elation of the game we love. we're blessed to play this game. an incredible game. for 60 minutes, we do what we can do. proud of these guys. love our fans. it will be exciting going home. >> 4 touchdowns, 40 on the season. for the first time you lead the league in touchdown passes. what does that mean to you? >> we're 10-6, and going to the playoffs. >> congratulations, aaron. morgan burnett. talked about needing plays at the right time. and this defense rose to the occasion. coming on the road and stopping a good offense. what was at the heart of what you did tonight? >> all about playing together. like a-rod said, one game at a time. division title on the line. and we have to be accountable to one another as teammates. we knew it was a great team we played against. and knew it was a hostile crowd. hostile environment. and we find a way to pull it out. >> and you did. you want to tell me the significance of that? >> i don't know.
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that's ha ha being ha ha. >> now, you get to host the new york giants. what are you expecting in that first game? >> it will be a hard-fought battle. we have to protect home turf. this is what you play for. looking forward to it. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> mike? >> all right, michele, thank you. let's bring in tony dungy from the studio. 12 peopteams. half of them return from last year. let's start with green bay. they won the game and the division. what do you see with the giants and green bay on sunday? and your thoughts on detroit going to seattle on saturday night here on nbc? >> well, green bay, mike, is as hot as anybody. you had aaron rodgers there. he's playing great football. but we do know this. the giants have gone into lambeau before and won. eli manning plays exceptionally well in the playoffs. they will be working against a
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depleted secondary. i look for, you know, the home team, green bay, to be strong and win it. no lock at all against the giants. and seattle, the same way. they will be favored. they play well at home. they have the crowd noise. they have the home field advantage. but they have not been playing good football. struggled today against san francisco. lost at home last week. and lost the chance for the number two seed. they're not playing great. detroit can win that game. but it's going to be a struggle. seattle has that playoff experience there, as well. >> al: >> a mix of rain and snow for that game in seattle. miami has to go to pittsburgh. 30 degrees or so. miami playing in the cold weather in pittsburgh. your thoughts on that game and the other match-up in the afc that will start the playoffs with houston hosting oakland. >> of all the teams playing on wild card weekend, i like the steelers and where they are.
12:01 am
they are playing balanced football on offense. their defense has come along. we had the steelers on thanksgiving night on nbc. i talked to mike tomlin that night. and he said, this year, anybody can win this thing. anybody can get hot. he liked where his health of his team was. he liked where they were playing. and i think, you know, aaron rodgers talked about running the table. pittsburgh has a team capable of running the table. i like them in that cold weather against miami. the other game, oakland and houston, we don't know what to expect. you got quarterback problems on both teams. and i really think oakland has a better team. but they've got to get used to playing that kind of smash mouth, ugly type football, with the backup quarterback. we had them on thursday night also, a couple of weeks ago, in kansas city. donald penn, their outstanding offensive tackle told us before the game, we can win games by running the ball. that's not the personality.
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i like them to win that game. >> penn got hurt late in the raiders' game, as did matt mcgloin, the quarterback. a lot to digest when the playoffs get started. tony, thank you. the other side of the coin are the changes this time in the league. san diego's mike mccoy, and chip kelly, fired earlier this evening. and you reported that the broncos coach, gary kubiak, told his players he would retire. what's next for those three teams? >> i start with the 49ers. i'm told that the first order of business is to hire a general manager to replace trent baalke. and that gm will decide who the next coach is going to be. a process, two big steps for the 49ers. in san diego, now that we know coach mike mccoy is out, the next question, and arguably the bigger question, where will the chargers be in 2017? they have until january 15 to exercise an option to move to los angeles. important to know your coaching
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candidates know what city they will be living and working on. they need to get that squared away. could be, that the chargers and the rams may be targeting some of the candidates. for the denver broncos, when gary kubiak was hired, he was the clear leader. this time around, i was told there's not a clear leader at the outset. and don't be surprised they try to find a coach that will keep in place a good defensive staff, including defensive coordinator, wade phillips, whose contract is expiring, mike. >> half dozen opening. who knows if there's another surprise down the line. busy night, packers win the division. 31-24. coming down to detroit, meeting the lions. al and cris will wrap things up from detroit after this. >> everybody, congratulations. nfc north champions, five times in the last six years. okay? that says a lot. eighth time in the playoffs, so forth and so forth. i can't tell you enough about that fourth quarter reminded me
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so much of our season. so, outstanding. cross the first threshold. now, we're in the tournament. okay? congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] >> with good reason to celebrate for the packers, it will be a happy trip back. and the guys will get to seattle. seattle after this. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. not everyone speaks sriracha. sree-ra- cha? but when a fan says sriracha they want a sriracha chicken sandwich with sriracha jack cheese
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